So, we are wrapping up the year in a good place. We are so thankful for all the adopters who gave homes to our babies! We have had reports left and right of lots of ratty kisses from the babies — dad raised them right!

We want to keep you all in the loop while we are in our soft close. These are our behind the scenes projects:

1. The adorable picture you see above is our first true recessive hairless litter. They are all showing signs of being hairless. And LOOK AT THOSE NAKKID MARKINGS! Some of these babies may make it to public offering when they are ready.

2. We are still evaluating which of the dwarves we want to keep in our program. We will be focusing a lot on dwarves this coming year, so we want to get the hold backs “right.” As said before, we will be releasing the dwarves we don’t keep to the public….it just might be after Christmas. If you were waiting on one for Christmas, please let us know ASAP.

3. Our standard sized and dwarf Harley boys that popped in one of our test litters have gone through their first molt and are looking happy and healthy. We hope they will be the beginning to a lot of FLUFFBALLS in the future.

4. Our Martens seem to be stabilized again; so, hopefully after a couple subpar litters, we are back on track.

5. We are seeing promise with some of the Black Eye Siamese babies and young adults. Hopefully, they stabilize again to be available in 2021.

6. Our Tabby line still has had no progress. We concluded one of our best tempered males we were using likely is sterile (thus a lot of failed pairings). As long as we don’t lose the gene, we hope to be able to offer Tabby again in the second half of 2021.

While those are our main projects we are working on during our close, we have a couple other projects that will be ongoing in tandem with these. We had an awesome first year! We can’t wait to see what year 2 holds!