I know we are all glad to say goodbye to 2020. Actually, though, we hate to see 2020 go at The Grove. A year ago this week, we formally acquired the web address oakgroverattery.com. We also created our social media pages. With that, Oak Grove Rattery was born. The conditions that would become The Great Quarantine allow us to be home and really work on our rats. We had plenty of home time to quickly expand our knowledge of breeding rats. We had 37 litters, 25 new adopters, and dozens and dozens and dozens of beautiful babies this first year.

Our two hairless litters are progressing well. We hope to have some individual baby photos of the oldest litter in the next few days.

Our last litter of the year (the featured photo) was born almost a week ago. This paring was a cross between one of our last Tabby males with a Russian Blue female. It was a pairing to help stabilize the health and temperament of our Tabby line. We see some interesting things in this litter! Additionally, Our last Tabby female is due on New Year’s Day! She was paired with one of our best Silvermane boys to do the same as the other pairing. We will hopefully begin 2021 focused on great temperaments!

We can’t thank you enough for an amazing first year! So, raise a glass! Happy New Year!!