What better way to introduce a new feature of our website than a recipe! During our soft close and somewhat of a break, we have been focusing on finishing the few features we put on the back burner this summer. We now have an Education Center where you can go get almost any information you need to know about your babies — eventually. One thing we will be adding to the Education Center is recipes we think your fuzz balls will enjoy.

This inaugural recipe is the oatmeal that we feed nursing moms to help them stay nice and plump while nursing babies. The healthier mom is, the healthier the babies are. Then as the babies transition to solid foods, this oatmeal helps fatten them up.

Serve this at about a rate of 3-4 ounces per adult rat. This recipe will make more than most pet owners “should” use, but it could be cut in half and stored in the refrigerator for up to a week. Use this oatmeal as a treat once or twice a month or as a way to bulk up an ailing baby.