Boy oh Boy! The past several months have been crazy. From Covid to a seasonal allergy cold, we just haven’t seemed to be able to get on our feet. But, with all the flowers blooming for the start of Spring, hopefully March is showing us personally (health wise) better days. Nothing soothes the soul like a good bowl of ramen home cooked by your rat friends (THANKS MELLY – EVOLUTION RATTERY!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!).

Just a couple of updates to keep you all informed of our progress.

First, we have 3 female Tabbies currently pairing with our oldest male Tabby. He has been decent going into his maturity at 6 months; so, the hopes are he doesn’t form mild aggression like the other males in the line have. These three females were from outcross parents that hopefully reduced the possible maternal aggression we had seen in our Tabby females. With these three pairings, we HOPE that by summer we will know if we can keep this gene or have to abandon it for the time being due to aggression. 

Our Martens are still having a few bumps in the road. We just had one litter that looks like we may lose. 😢 However, if that line fizzles, our friends at Evolution Rattery can help us keep that gene.

We hit a brick wall with our Silvermanes, because we adopted so many of the really good ones out to you all. LOL good problem to have, huh? But, we recently got a new female from Whispering Grove — AND SHE IS PREGNANT!

We have gotten some EXCITING things in a couple of our test litters, brought a couple new things in, and are super charging our dwarf pairings. So, with all that said, we do hope to lift the soft close in a couple of months (Summer by the latest). In the mean time, be on the lookout! We may be releasing a couple of individuals in the next couple of weeks.