Before filling out this application, make sure you have read and fully understand our Application Policies and FAQ pages. Also, please make sure you read and fully understand the Adoption Contract and Liability Waiver you will be required to sign before babies are released to you.


Only the person on this application will be able to sign the Adoption Contract and Liability Waiver to have rats released to their care.

Contact Information

Please enter your chosen pronouns if you would like them designated.
If you choose not to text, we will be in contact solely through email.
Please enter any and all social media names/handles you have contacted us on or you would like us to use. This information will help us correlate all communications.

Your Home

Only individuals that can legally sign our Adoption Contract and Liability Waiver will be approved.
Before signing our Adoption Contract and Liability Waiver, it is your responsibility to ensure rats can legally be housed at your dwelling.
If you have children under 13, proper handling and care will be discussed before your application is approved.
Before your application is approved, proper handling and care will be discussed if you have other pets or animals in your home frequently.

Care and Experience

Before your application can be approved, we will discuss proper introduction techniques. If you will have mixed-gender rats, we will require a guarantee that rats obtained from Oak Grove Rattery will be housed separately or will be spayed/neutered.
Estimate. Rats are social animals and will require at least 30 minutes to an hour of your personal play time a day.
e.g. inside, outside, climate controlled building/garage
Please include specifics like cage brand names and sizes. Each rat needs about 2.5 cubic feet of space, so all housing needs to be properly sized. Also understand, females, babies, and dwarves can escape from cages with bar spacing greater than 1/2”. Applications will be DENIED for any housing in aquariums!
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
Please upload at least 1 photo of the cage you plan to use to house your rats. If you have issues uploading, please email the photos to
If you choose “Other,” we will be in contact for details before granting application approval.
While we don’t require your vet information, we will confirm you have access to a proper vet in the event there are major health concerns or injuries that develop in the future. Be mindful, treatment for common ailments for older rats like tumors can get expensive.

Your Perfect Rat

Mixed genders either have to be housed separately or spayed/neutered.
Rats are adopted on a first come, first served basis. We will try our best to pair you with your most wanted rats.

Finishing Up

Again, please make sure you have read our Adoption Policies, Types and Prices, and FAQ pages as well as our Adoption Contract and Liability Waiver.