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Due to recently testing positive for the bacteria that causes Rat Bite Fever, we have made the decision to temporarily cease adoptions to the public. We are founding members of rattesting.org to help breeders re-establish healthy breeding stock. Our partners at Evolution Rattery have opened up again and will have any available rats posted. Please follow us on Facebook and our newsletter to stay up-to-date with our progress. If you would like to make a direct donation to Oak Grove to help maintain our lines during this shutdown, you can do so by the methods below:


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In June 2021, Evolution Rattery and Oakgrove Rattery undertook a project to try to eradicate Streptobacillus moniliformis (SBM), the bacteria that causes Rat Bite Fever (RBF), from the fancy rat breeding community, using a cross-fostering method. Over these months, we have raised a thriving colony of pathogen free albinos, including a ‘control’ group and a foster group. We can now start offering other breeders clean rats in trios of 1 male and 2 females. We would love to be able to offer these rats free-of-charge, but the cost of maintaining our colonies without the income from adoptions has been a challenge.  We have had several generous donations; however, the majority of expenses for maintenance and testing has been out of our own pockets. Therefore, we will be charging a nominal fee of $40 per albino trio.  Likewise, when we can start offering breeding stock, we will do all that we can to charge low fees. Our belief is that we shouldn’t profit from helping the fancy rat community. As for testing, we were excited when the community came across a low-cost testing facility, and initially used this resource for our testing needs.  Unfortunately, we received some positives which almost made [...]

March 14th, 2022|Cross-Fostering Project, Serology Testing|

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Let’s face it: rats get a bad rap. But like any other pets, rats can give their owner companionship beyond compare. We believe that by working with our own line of rats for temperament, with other breeders, and with adopters, we will help change the perspective in the community at large.

Chris Has Given Me Tons Of Guidance

I live in Atlanta and, due to the imminent loss of one of our two feeder bin girls, I have been having a heck of a time trying to find local breeders who are reputable, responsive, and have available rats (note that their sister rattery, Whispering Grove local to me, checked off the first two, but the timing was just off! They were super helpful in getting me in touch with Oak Grove who did have available rats when they did not). I just picked up our two sweet girls yesterday, and Chris was very helpful in meeting me in between.

We are in love with these two! Though the surviving feeder bin girl is sweet and endearing, the experience has still been night and day. Chris has given me tons of guidance as to which rats would best suit our situation, how to deal with the loss, how to quarantine and how to introduce. I know he’ll be around to navigate future issues as well because he cares very much about his rats.

If you live anywhere in the vicinity of Oak Grove and need some quality pet rats, definitely contact Chris!

Abby Garland
May 12, 2021

We Can’t Recommend This Rattery Highly Enough

We LOVE our beauties from OGR! Every step of our adoption process was wonderful, too. We can’t recommend this rattery highly enough. 🙂 Thank you so much!!

Channing Carter
September 21, 2020

Rats Make Excellent Pets for Kids

We found Oak Grove when we decided to get my daughters a pet. Based on some research, I found that rats make excellent pets for kids. So far that is very true. My girls love our rats, and they’ve even won over my skeptical wife. I think it helps that these two rats are gentle and sweet and full of personality. Since this is a new experience for the entire family, it’s been great that Chris has been so helpful and encouraging throughout. If you are thinking of pet rats, I strongly encourage you to contact Chris. Our initial conversation answered any and all questions I had about rats as pets.

Kent Ureda
May 27, 2021

In No Time At All, They Were Comfortable With My Five Year Old

I’ve had about 11 rats over the last decade; the two I adopted from Oak Grove are the most beautiful, light-footed, chill babies I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with.
Another thing I love is, in no time at all, they were comfortable with my five year old. My other current rats took at least a week (to over a month in the case of one girl) to be a fraction as comfortable as you see Micah in this photo (roughly two hours after they came home).
I don’t think I’ll ever go elsewhere 🤷‍♀️

Candice Cruse
May 12, 2020

They All Have Great Temperaments

My husband & I adopted 5 male rats from OGR yesterday and they are just wonderful. They’re the perfect amount of cute & curious. They all have great temperaments & we can’t wait to get to know them more! Chris answered any & all of my questions & was great to work with. We love our sweet baby boys so much already! 🥰

Trisha Kalonick
May 7, 2021

Chris … Really Loves These Babies

I picked up my girl on Saturday, and she is amazing!!! Beautiful, sweet, and healthy, you definitely get what you pay for here. Chris is super knowledgeable, communicative, and really loves these babies. I couldn’t be happier!

Dianna Ramey
May 4, 2020

Even Now, Several Weeks After We Have Brought Our Boys Home, [Chris] Is Still Very Responsive

We got two baby boy rats from Oak Grove about a month ago, and we are so in love with them! We have never owned rats before; so, when we finally made the decision to bring them in to our home I started doing research on breeders in my state and reading everything I could to educate myself. I found Oak Grove Rattery through one of my searches and submitted an application. I was contacted a few short hours later regarding my application and the adoption process. Chris was amazing from the very beginning! He stayed in constant contact from application submission to adoption day and beyond. Even now, several weeks after we have brought our boys home, he is still very responsive. He has provided a wealth of information and education to us as new pet owners and quickly answers any questions I have no matter how silly they may seem. I can not recommend Chris and his rattery enough. We are thankful we found him and our rat babies! I am hopeful we will have an ongoing relationship should we decide to bring more rats in our home; which is very likely in the future! Thank you so much Chris! 🥰

Angela Jerome
September 29, 2020

Absolutely Stunning

I don’t have enough words to describe how awesome knowledgeable passionate Oak Grove Rattery has been. The passion shows through the boys(5 boys) I got from him. Absolutely stunning. Each of these boys are breeder quality and can’t be more pleased with them. Oak Grove not only took me step by step through the setup process he also hand delivered the boys to me 3hr drive.Truly he went above and beyond. Without reservation I 100% recommend. It was an all around absolute pleasure. Thank you Oak Grove.

Russell Bugary
April 24, 2020

They Were Very Social and Sweet

We got two Rats from Oak Grove Rattery. We were very satisfied with our purchase. Right as we took them home, they were very social and sweet — not very nervous at all. I highly recommend getting rat from here.

Sandra Young
September 2, 2020

They are Absolutely Sweet and Used to Humans

I got my two precious male rats from them. They are absolutely sweet and used to humans. Very healthy. Owner was very nice and seems to care about his rats very much.

Lora Walker
September 9, 2020

He’s Kind Hearted and Truly Cares

Chris was amazing! He helped connect me with someone that took my senior rat to be a companion for her old girl! Support him he’s kind hearted and truly cares!!!!

Laney Beall
October 15, 2020

Our New Baby Is So Sweet, Kissy, Playful, And Snuggly

I adopted a little pal from Chris at Oak grove and couldn’t be more pleased. Chris was up front about temperament, and whether the rat I was interested in was a good pick for our family.
He told me the rat’s history, and all the little things I really wanted to know. Chris was willing to work with me on pickup date due to our state being shut down, which was wonderful and unexpected. Our new baby is so sweet, kissy, playful, and snuggly. We couldn’t ask for a better temperament. Chris loves these critters and knows his stuff. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

Bethany Hall
May 2, 2020

Most Docile Rats I’ve Ever Encountered

If you’re in South Carolina and looking to add a rat to your home, I highly recommend choosing Oak Grove Rattery. The rats I adopted are not only incredibly adorable, but the most docile rats I’ve ever encountered. Very professional and kind. 10/10. Next time I’m in the market for another rat, I will be giving them a call!

Kara Turner
May 4, 2020

Healthy and Friendly

Adopted a single rat and spent a few months searching for a healthy companion. That’s when I came across the Oak Grove Rattery! Chris is amazing and very knowledgeable about what he’s doing. I adopted two rats from Chris a few days ago, and they are already settling in. Would definitely recommend if you’re looking for a HEALTHY and friendly rat pet!!

Andrea Squires
May 28, 2021


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