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Shade Tree

Come sit on the bench under the old oak tree and read the latest from The Grove.

Goodbye 2020!

I know we are all glad to say goodbye to 2020. Actually, though, we hate to see 2020 go at The Grove. A year ago this week, we formally acquired [...]

New Facebook Group

We want to announce the creation of our new Facebook group, Oak Grove Rat Chat. This group will be our main means of directly updating adopters on news and a [...]

Project Updates

So, we are wrapping up the year in a good place. We are so thankful for all the adopters who gave homes to our babies! We have had reports left [...]

Summer Litters Group Photos

We have posted the group photos of our summer litters to this point. Look under Adoption and Current litters to see all our cute babies! And, more are on the [...]

Roadmap to Summer 2020

So, you probably have noticed the radio silence lately on our social media. This lack of posts hasn’t been because of a lack of activity — quite the contrary. We [...]


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